Heeft iemand ervaring met dhgate?

ik wil een telefoon daar kopen maar weet niet of die site vertrouwelijk is en dat ik ook die mobiel echt krijg. Kan iemand mij helpen?

Weet jij het antwoord?


i have been trading on ebay for quite some time now, and had an idea to try and boost my profits by using dropshippers in china--bad mistake!! i tried dhgate.com and the prices they had on their site were very good, so i rdered some cellphones from the, like motorola d&g gold and nokia sirocco 8800 18k gold. well, they all turned out to be copies, not original!! and i was left holding customers money (up to $5000) but nowhere to buy the products from, for these customers! so in the end, i had to return all the customers money and explain the problem. dhgate are absolutely useless and god help you if you put orders with them and something goes wrong--you cannot contact them and their "contact us" link is dead! i will now name the companies which trade through dhgate. the companies are discount store, army, bush, jesus and risetech. do not buy from these companies--all their items are fake!! there are hundreds more companies trading through dhgate--the same applies to them too. if you dont believe me, look at these messages from other persons who used dhgate: Niet zo goed dus, sturen gekopieerde telefoons op van het orgineel uit china, niet vertrouwen.


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