Hoe zeg je 'Je zei dat het een geheim was' in het Engels?

You said that it's a secret
you said it was a secret..
of nog iets anders...?

Weet jij het antwoord?


You told me it was a secret. Toegevoegd na 1 uur: Hier nog even een toevoeging. (Engels.) Never substitute I said you for I told you, if what you mean is that you told somebody something earlier and you are reminding them of that fact now. Said requires the preposition to to get close to the same thing: I said to you. Even then, however, said never takes a direct object that is not some kind of a reference to words. I said do it. I said nothing. Tell can take a person as a direct object. I told Bob. I'm telling you now. You would not use it to mean said because it does not take someone's utterance as a direct object. You would never say I told go, because that would mean you are telling the word "go" something. You would say, I said go. More examples: I said I was going. John said he would be here tonight. We said nothing about your indiscretions. I told him to clear out his locker. Mary told her friends all about the incident. We told you then and we are telling you now: don't come around here anymore.

1het is een geheim 2 da was een geheim dus you said it was a secret

You told me it would be a secret.

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