Wie heeft trefbal verzonnen?

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Het is ontstaan toen een grotbewoner, genaamd Dirk, een steen naar zijn vriend gooide. Dodgeball is an ancient sport, perhaps the oldest known to man. From fossil records, it appears that the game was invented when one caveman, named Dirk, threw a rock at his friend Bud. He missed, but Bud, aware that Dirk had thrown a rock at him, retrieved the rock and threw it back. Dirk, already fully aware of the rock, managed to dodge it. Finally, Dirk threw a different rock at Bud. This time, Bud was struck by the rock and knocked out. With this stunning leap in human development, the game of dodgeball was forged. Not only had the basic actions of the sport been decided (throw things, dodge things), but the first rules have been written as well: if the object hits you, you are out. In this case, out cold. For thousands of years, the game continued in this way, with people throwing rocks at each other, and their targets either being killed or being consumed by dinosaurs. The ball had evolved from a rock to a pointy sphere of metal, but it wasn’t until the Roman Empire that the next real development occurred in dodgeball history. With the development of the Coliseum, a new dimension of dodgeball had been added: the field. Until this point, players were liable to attack each other anywhere, including from up a tree, at the dinner table, or while one player was sleeping. Now, however, boundaries were set. Players could not exit the arena under pain of death, and for the first time every player was aware of precisely when and where the game was occurring. Thusly, people were able to prepare for the battle, and the first professional dodgeballers, better known as gladiators, rose to prominence in Rome. The most famous of these was Brutus, who invented the technique, still used today, of deflecting a projectile with the ball in your hands. Brutus was eventually eaten by a lion, making him a martyr and the patron saint of dodgeball.

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