Ben ik nou zo dom of wat ? Wat is een root access voor je Android toestel?

Weet jij het antwoord?


Dom? Nee hoor. Ik ga even antwoord geven in het Engels, want het is al 2 uur 's nachts. Ik hoop dat je daar geen probleem mee hebt: * You can install a full Linux distribution, like Debian. * You can run applications that require root, like Screenshot and or any other application. * You can install the latest Android build directly from the Android source tree. * Customize your boot image. * Create full backups of the state of your phone. * Create custom ROMs. * Install Applications to your SD Card to save space. * Use your phone as a tether to connect your computer/laptop to the internet. * Turn your phone into a wireless router that provides internet access. MAAR: 1. Rooting (jailbreaking) your phone will erase EVERYTHING!!! (this includes SD card data) 2. This process could damage your phone. We have done it several times and many others have done it also, but there is still some risk which you take upon yourself. 3. Rooting your phone will prevent future over the air updates. In other words when newer versions of android are released in the future you will have to manually install them.

je bent niet dom hoor, want ik weet het ook niet!

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