Hoe leg ik vriendelijk uit (in het Engels) dat ik niet op een voorstel kan ingaan.

Onze kennis nodigt ons uit bij haar thuis in Oost Duitsland,het is te ver met ons beperkt budget...

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Dear.... Thanks for your kind invitation. We really would love to come and see you, but unfortunately we aren't able to do so this year, due to our financial position. Hope you will have a lovely summer and maybe we could meet next year. With our best wishes to you (and your family), Bepo

Ha, die Bepo; "Dear ...., Thank you very much for inviting us to stay at your home. We would be delighted to accept this friendely invitation but I am afraid that the travelling costs are way beyond our budget. I hope we do not disappoint you too much". Zoiets? Toegevoegd na 22 minuten: 'friendely' -> 'friendly'

Many thanks for ur invitation, but I cannot afford at the moment.

Officieel en zakelijk: I respectfully decline. Anders: I'm sorry, but it is just to far and we don't have enough money for this.

Ten eerste vind ik het een beetje raar dat je engels gaat praten met iemand die in Oost Duitsland woont maar goed. Je kan natuurlijk altijd zeggen; We really would like to visit you, but we don't have enough money at this moment. We can't afford it, it is just too far away. We come as soon as possible if we have enough money! We look forward to seeing you.

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