Welk geloof had Keith Haring?

Was hij katholiek, protestants of Slavisch orthodox?

Weet jij het antwoord?


Het beste antwoord

Geen van deze drie. Hij heeft een tijdje geloofd in Jezus, maar dit was van korte duur. Uit Keith Haring, Keith Haring: The Authorized Biography (15-16): When I turned thirteen or fourteen, I remember, for whatever reason, wanting to be part of something. Well, the first thing that became available to me was the Jesus movement… People fell into the Jesus Saves movement because it was something to believe in. It was just like it is in the Bible, except you took everything more literally. Being born again meant that you didn’t just commit your life to it, but would convince others to believe in it. Not only was it a way of dealing with your own life, but it was your duty to convince the rest of the world about it. It was a self-declared mission. So I read about all these things in the Bible and I read Revelation—about the end of the world. And I read a book called The Late Great Planet Earth, and I digested all this information and wanted to believe. All my art of this period was involved with these Jesus things… I was considered a freak—a Jesus Freak. I tried to convince others to be born again, and it just annoyed people—they got tired of my talking about it. Finally, I myself became bored with it. I had done it for about a year, and it seemed to make less and less sense to me, and it became less pressing. In between all that, I discovered smoking pot—that, plus listening to rock music. And there was peer pressure, so the Jesus thing became really boring, and I don’t know that I ever, really believed in all those things. It wasn’t as exciting as it appeared to be at first. Still, all that stuff stuck in my head and even now there are lots of religious images in my work, although they’re used in a more cynical way—to show how manipulative those beliefs and images can be. So, anyway, after the Jesus thing I got into drugs.

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