Ben op zoek naar engelse cliché zinnetjes voor m'n liedje.

Ben een engelstalig liedje aan het schrijven, die alleen maar uit veel voorkomende zinnetjes/woorden bestaat.
Ik heb er al 5, maar ik weet zeker dat er meer 'sterke' zijn.

Ik heb al:

Tears on my pillow
Spread my wings
Love you so much
Broken heart

Weet jij het antwoord?


Get a life! Get real Get out of here Kidding me? Toegevoegd na 1 minuut: Get a little bit closer Yep For sure

Love is in your eyes!

Oh my god!


You're my baby Hold me tight I'll do everything for you You are my world Toegevoegd na 4 minuten: In the middle of the night I am sorry I was wrong Everything changes I think about you all the time Those days are gone Sometimes I feel so insecure I prayed for someone like you I can't get you out of my head You drive me insane Toegevoegd na 12 minuten: Everything will be allright Tears in your/my eyes You don't love me anymore You know it's true Under the moon The stars above I have a dream Love so true All night/day long Toegevoegd na 17 minuten: You are breaking my heart Pain deep inside Crying myself to sleep Since you been gone Don't let go All because of you I can't get enough Let's start over You're my angel It is meant to be Toegevoegd na 25 minuten: I never met someone like you before You are the one for me Tell me the truth We are made for eachother

you took/broke my heart, want hold your hand, lost in your eyes, blue moon, can't get enough of you, I saw you face and... Love is a burning/eternal flame. Meeeeeeh, luv U loooooong time.

it happens when pigs can fly....

I love you yeah, yeah, yeah!

..Shivers running down my spine ..Sweet love ..Everlasting love ..Time will heal all wounds

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