Waar gaat dit nummer van Bob Dylan over?

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Dit soort vragen worden beantwoord op Songfacts.com (zie link). In dit geval: "Dylan wrote this violent and vengeful song in a hotel room in August 1963. He was in an angry mood when he penned it, as a hotel clerk who thought he looked like a deadbeat had refused him admission. Dylan finally got a room after Joan Baez vouched for his good character."


In combinatie met het filmpje, denk ik zelf aan b.v. de tijd is gekomen, of het uur der waarheid. Misschien wordt het duidelijker als je de tekst leest. Oh the time will come When the winds will stop And the breeze will cease to be breathin' Like the stillness in the wind 'Fore the hurricane begins The hours when the ship comes ind. And the seas will split And the ship will hit And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking Then the tide will sound And the wind will pound And the morning will be breaking. Oh the fishes will laugh As they swim out of the path And the seagulls they'll be smiling And the rocks on the sand Will proudly stand The hour that the ship comes in. And the words that are used For to get the ship confused Will not be understood as they're spoken For the chains of the sea Will have busted in the night And will be buried at the bottom of the ocean. A song will lift As the mainsail shifts And the boat drifts on to the shoreline And the sun will respect Every face on the deck The hour that the ship comes in. Then the sands will roll Out a carpet of gold For your weary toes to be a-touchin' And the ship's wise men Will remind you once again That the whole wide world is watchin'. Oh the foes will rise With the sleep in their eyes And they'll jerk from their beds and think they're dreamin' But they'll pinch themselves and squeal And know that it's for real The hour that the ship comes in. Then they'll raise their hands Sayin' we'll meet all your demands But we'll shout from the bow your days are numbered And like Pharaoh's tribe They'll be drownded in the tide And like Goliath, they'll be conquered. Toegevoegd na 8 minuten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yxl9cZz5BY Deze toevoeging geeft, denk ik, meer duidelijkheid.

Ha, die Hilbert; Dit is duidelijk een nummer uit Dylan's bekeringsperiode en geeft een soort beeld van de Dag des Oordeels.

Dit liedje zou geschreven zijn voor een oude vriendin , die heel veel naar Berthold Brecht luisterde' 'Jenny , de vrouw van de piraat ...uit Pirate Song zou als voorbeeld dienen. Enfin...dat is wat ze schrijven... Het ganse verhaaltje : zie link Toegevoegd na 6 minuten: Hier staan 2 verschillende verkaringen


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