Wie kan voor mij The Game met Spanglish vertalen? Het gaat me vooral om de spaanse stukken! Bedankt!

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Hierbij een Engelse vertaling: (The Game) Have a nice day butterflies (butterflies is meant as a slang) term for homosexuals Lets go! (Verse 1 ) Picture me stuck inside this mind of a crazy murderer/killer Bout' to comit suicide behind them project doors The crazy life, my family, is crazy Dont **** around with no snitch, I got you I got this ***** *** on check with the Cuete in your head A spanish maid better come and clean the ****** mess up Gangsta, it aint about where u from, is where you and where ur gun (Ay Vienen Dispara) Let em come See I never told DRE that I was disconnected (Viva Mexico) And get ur ribs disected In my white Camaro (Chevrolet Camaro is a car) Feel these buck shots to your souls with these barrels The devil You saw the lamborghini up escapo Pablo Get them from Durango send them to Chicago The S's dont **** with ****** see I know (Hook) I will live here I will be born here To death My love (Verse 2) Come here Mami, pass a ***** a corona I am the king of ******' California (Eres Juego) You are very pretty, my girl Me is the ***** Vicente Fernandez My .45, I need you to understand this California aint no country for old men A lot of blood ridin' on chrome rims Translation the sound of Deuce Deuce's Look at the corner, St Luces Im bout' to lose it homes, Wait I write Los Angeles on my face (referring to the L.A. tattoo on his cheek) Time to bring back my old impala Keep the 40 in the dash for them Eric Estrada's You got, then holla' Cuz we pitch white balls like (Hook) (Hyna) Stupendous/Nice neckless Idiot (Game) You know I love you man You know I love you (Game) That not what I said? (Verse 3) This is my city im the california as New york is to diddy And Compton is my house Good bye, my chest is cold Drug dealer for life, take me to your kilos Mixed in with the Coke (cocaine) Spanish stand in ridin shotgun she is crazy She's my "crazy chicken" And the day I die she know to bury me in red


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