Hoe lang gaat de batterij mee van een samsung s3 mini?

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Ongeveer 3 jaar, de capaciteit van de batterij zakt naar 80% na 500 cycli, en fabrikanten vermelden eigenlijk nooit wat de leeftijd wordt na 500 cycli zodat verwacht wordt dat ze niet ouder dan drie jaar worden... "Rechargeable battery life is almost always defined as number of full charge-discharge cycles by manufacturers and testers. In addition to cycling, storing also degrades batteries. These two mechanisms always work together. Manufacturers' information implies that the life of a battery that is not abused depends upon the number of charge cycles it undergoes, specifying typical battery capacity in terms of number of cycles (e.g., capacity dropping linearly to 80% over 500 cycles), with no mention of age of the battery.[86] Research by Professor Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University suggests this common industry practice of merely counting cycles, ignoring the effect of age, is a poor predictor of real-world battery life.[citation needed] Battery performance is rarely specified over more than 500 cycles. This means that batteries of mobile phones, or other hand-held devices in daily use, are not expected to last longer than three years. But it is also quite possible to obtain lithium-ion batteries based on carbon anodes with more than 10.000 cycles.[87]"


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