Er komt een nieuwe game uit : l.a. Noire Weet jullie meer over dit spel bijv. Of het multiplayer heeft ??

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Nee zo te zien niet op de FAQ op over LA Noire. “@R* is there multiplayer in L.A. Noire? or just single player?” - ghostcheez There will be no multiplayer component of L.A. Noire – the combination of innovative technology and unique gameplay that allow you to solve crimes through interrogations and investigation is really one that’s geared entirely for a single-player experience.  Trust us that this is a game unlike any you’ve played before – very different not only for us here at Rockstar but for videogames as a medium.  Bolting on generic multiplayer on top of that would not make much sense, or be a good use of our time or development budget!  Hope this clears up any confusion.  We thought this would be spelt out in some of last week's previews, but as it wasn't, we felt we should clarify ourselves. is een goede site, waar je veel games en info

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