hoelang moet er tussen het stretchen van een maat zitten?

Ik ben pas begonnen met het stretchen van mijn oor, maar hoelang moet je wachten totdat je de volgende maat kunt doen?

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6 - 8 weken Sorry wel in het engels Hoop dat er wat mee kan Stretching is a practice originating from indigenous cultures all over the world. The concept behind it is that a small hole is slowly and gradually stretched over time. We only stretch with non-porous materials such as glass, implant grade surgical stainless steel, implant grade titanium and gold. Once your stretched hole has healed, we have an extensive collection of organic jewelry (water buffalo horn, bone, fossilized walrus or mammoth ivory, wood, bamboo, silver and stone) that you can choose from. Patience and safety go hand in hand. Stretch only one gauge at a time. To ensure proper healing, allow at least 6-8 weeks between stretches and follow the recommended aftercare. Once you decide you would like to start stretching, come in and speak with our qualified staff about your options. With stretching your earlobes (or even other piercings) it is extremely important to take your time and use proper jewelry. To ensure the best stretching results, we highly suggest seeing one of our professional piercers. The reason we use pyrex glass or implant grade surgical stainless steel is due to the fact that it will not hold bacteria nor will your skin adhere to your jewelry.


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