Hoe batterij te vervangen van een Washburn EA16 met WT-92 preamp/tuner?

Hoe kan ik de batterij vervangen bij mijn Washburn EA16 Black Pearl semi accoustic met WT-92 preamp/tuner?
Er is geen "luikje" waar de baterij in kan....

Weet jij het antwoord?


Wellicht via het klankgat, eventueel eerst de snaren wat ontspannen. Toegevoegd na 8 minuten: Gevonden met google: Control Panel: The all-important control panel sits on the top edge of the body. Though it seemed to be a bit crowded at the very first glance, it is actually intuitively placed and easy to use. In terms of controls offered, the panel has a slider for Volume and individual slides to control Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence. And yet another special extra on the EA16 is the onboard chorus which has an on/off button along with two small control knobs for Rate and Depth. All the controls run plus or minus 12 dB. In the bottom of the guitar, you will find a single strap button and two outputs; one is an XLR marked Low-Z Balanced for direct inject into a mixer, the other is a standard jack marked Hi-Z. The battery partition mechanism adopted by Washburn must be appreciated; it has a frame into which the nine volt battery slides and the cradle is constructed in such a way that the battery can be inserted only in correct orientation. Once the battery is inserted, the cradle slides into a hole in the control panel, which again fits only in one way. Beneath the receiving chamber, you will find two big springs that dock in securely with the battery’s terminals. Toegevoegd na 11 minuten: Je moet dus kennelijk het control-panel (de preamp/tuner) los nemen, daar zit dan de batterijhouder ingeschoven waar een 9V blokbatterij in past.

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