Kan iemand mij aan de songtekst van het nummer Stone in my heart helpen? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soz4czbKC5E&feature=related

Weet jij het antwoord?


Het enige wat ik erover kan vinden is het volgende: Stone In My Heart is a track that literally screams “party”. It’s got soul, it’s got fun, it’s got beats, it’s got rhythm and most of all it’s got something different to it. Listening to the lyrics it becomes clear the song is about heartbreak but how to overcome it; “With a stone in my heart I stood up and love was gone” is very sad, but followed with “makes me stronger, makes me wiser” brings a sense of getting up and getting on. Despite the lyrics being pretty sad in places, the track is uplifting and has a pretty happy vibe to it. Heel leuk nummer trouwens!

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