komt er nog een vervolg van de film dragonball zo ja wanneer??

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At a recent convention that James Marsters (Lord Piccolo) attended, he was asked if he would return for a Dragonball Evolution movie sequel. He simply responded yes and that there is still a high chance a sequel could happen. If 20th Century FOX goes ahead and films a second Dragonball movie, would you return to keep your role as Piccolo? James Marsters: Yes. They initially planned a trilogy for two more Dragonball movies to be made. I am still under contract for two more films and nothing has been cancelled. Although Dragonball Evolution did not exactly exceed fans nor the box office expectations, it still made a profit. It is highly possible that a sequel to Dragonball will begin very shortly, as everyone knows, we still want to provide DBZ as there is so much story to be told. I have been told in the past that a sequel was in fact green lit, and that fact has yet to change. I just hope Dragonball 2 will please fans as I will be very anxious to become part of it.


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