Ik wil me tablet (gemei g9) rooten maar, bij de instructies staat dat ik een Transformer ROOT Script moet gebruiken. Kan iemand me uitleggen hoe moet?

Hier is een link met de instructies: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/32218-firmware-gemei-g9-chs-ice-cream-sandwich-ics-403-v415-2012-04-06/
Mischien nog wat extra uitleg/tips zou fijn zijn.

Weet jij het antwoord?


Het staat er toch vrij duidelijk, gewoon rustig de boel nalezen. Firmware Install Guide Here are Install Instructions: 1.) Download the File 2.) Extract the folder inside the .RAR file 3.) Connect your tablet with the USB cable and verify that it is discovered and installed on your system. a.) Right click on My Computer b.) Left click on Manage c.) Left click on Device Manager d.) Verify that the device is installed or that you don't have an Yellow Exclamation mark devices. 4.) Unplug the USB from the device 5.) Right click on the LiveSuite.exe and run as Administrator 6.) Click the first button in LiveSuite and browse to the firmware .IMG 7.) Hold the Volume + button while plugging in the USB cable 8.) Press the power button 6 to 10 times until the system discovers the device and LiveSuite prompts you 9.) Choose whether you want to format the device or just upgrade the device 10.) Let the magic happen 11.) Tablet should reboot itself when the update is completed After installation, please follow these directions to get it switched over to English. Here are my detailed instructions for what to do after flashing the firmware to your device to get it to a "normal" English state: 1.) (OPTIONAL) Install with format the Gemei G9 CHS ICS 4.0.3 v4.15 firmware 2.) Boot the tablet and connect it to USB. 3.) Click the Blue Square button (to cancel the tutorial) 4.) Change the language to English a.) Click on the Time (give it a second to come up) b.) Click on the Settings Icon below the popped up time (three lines with sliders) c.) Click on the Settings Icon at the bottom of the popped up list (same icon) d.) Scroll down the Left Hand side and click on the icon with an A e.) Click the first field on the right hand side f.) Select your preferred language (for me it would be English (United States) 5.) Change the Default Keyboard in the same settings page as lanuage a.) Click on Default b.) Click on English (US) - Android keyboard 6.) Set the Date, Time, and Time Zone a.) Click on Date & Time along the left hand side of the settings b.) Uncheck Automatic Time Zone c.) Click on Select time zone and set it to yours d.) Verify the time is correct and change it if needed. 7.) Configure the Wireless Settings a.) Scroll up to Wi-Fi on the left of settings b.) Turn on Wi-Fi with the toggle switch c.) Connect to your Wireless Network 8.) Exit the Settings

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