Wie heeft informatie over busvervoer (trajecten EN prijzen) in Chili?

Wij gaan in october voor 2 maanden naar Chili en willen daar met openbaar vervoer gaan reizen. Waar kunnen wij informatie vinden over vervoer per bus. Ook zouden we graag prijzen weten voor de verschillende trajecten.
Weet iemand betrouwbare adressen om een auto te huren?

Weet jij het antwoord?


Lonely planet heeft uitstekende informatie over hoe rond te toeren in Chili: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/chile/transport/getting-around#246950 oa: Chile's biggest bus company is Tur Bus (600-660-6600; www.turbus.cl in Spanish), with an all-embracing network of services around the country. It is known for being extremely punctual. Frequent travelers can become card-carrying members of the Tur Bus club, which provides a 10% discount on one-way fares, a phone or Internet reservation system, and a points collection system that adds up to free trips. You can join at any Tur Bus office. Its main competitor is Pullman (600-320-3200; www.pullman.cl in Spanish), which also has extensive routes throughout the country. The Pullman Pass loyalty card offers much the same benefits as that of Tur Bus. A bus service specifically aimed at backpackers is Pachamama by Bus (02-688-8018; www.pachamamabybus.com; Agustinas 2113, Barrio Brasil). It's a hop-on hop-off service with two long routes exploring the north and south respectively. It's not cheap

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